Cool win for MacColl at scorching Blair Atholl

A cool win for Angus MacColl at a scorching Atholl Gathering

Blair Atholl, Sunday, May 27:

Angus MacColl at the 2018 Atholl Gathering.

Angus MacColl was the Champion Piper today at the Atholl Gathering, the first of the leading outdoor solo competitions

A large entry (seven of whom scratched) saw the Benderloch piper win the MSR and the Hornpipe & Jig. Gordon McCreadie won the P/A/Open Piobaireachd and Ben Duncan won the B Grade Piobaireachd.

The event was held, as ever, in the sillage field opposite Blair Castle. The Marquis of Tullibardine, presented the prizes.

The weather conditions were hot and dry with the occasional breeze.

Stewarding was excellent, thanks to both a change in location of some of the boards, and the efficiency of the novice pipers from the Army School.


P/A/Open Piobaireachd – 1. Gordon McCready (pictured, right); 2. Glenn Brown; 3. Callum Beaumont; 4. Darach Urquhart; 5. Peter McCallister.
Judges: Willie Morrison and Alan Forbes.

B Piobaireachd – 1. Ben Duncan; 2. Steven Leask; 3. Finlay Cameron; 4. Steven Gray; 5. Ross McCrindle.

C Piobaireachd – 1. Andrew Ferguson; 2. Archie Drennan; 3. Enora Morrice; 4. Andrew Yu; 5. Dan Nevans.
Judges: Gordon Clark and Tom Speirs.

MSR Final – 1. Angus D. MacColl; 2. Cameron MacDougall; 3. Angus J. MacColl; 4. William Rowe; 5. Callum Beaumont.
Judges: Barry Donaldson and Ronnie McShannon.

Hornpipe & Jig – 1. Angus D. MacColl; 2. Callum Beaumont; 3. Angus J. MacColl; 4. Cameron MacDougall; 5. Matt Wilson.
Judges: Bruce Hitchings, Logan Tannock.

Piobaireachd – 1. John McClaren; 2. Brodie Watson-Massey; 3. Luke Kennedy.
Judges: Archie MacLean and Anne Spalding.

MSR – 1. Bobby Allen; 2. Brodie Watson-Massey; 3. Luke Kennedy.
Judges: Archie MacLean and Anne Spalding.

Jig – 1. Brodie Watson-Massey; 2. Bobby Allen; 3. Gregor MacDonald.
Judges: Archie MacLean and Anne Spalding.

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