Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute: guide updated

Download the updated guide to ‘Battle’s Over’

The official guide to ‘Battle’s Over – a Nation’s Tribute’ has been updated with more information and the names and locations of many more pipers who have registered since last autumn.

Download the guide by clicking this link: ExternalLink_Battles-Over-Guide-v2

At 06:00 – the exact time the Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918 – around 1,000 pipers around the world will fill the air with a rendition of Pipe William Robb’s evergreen retreat march, When the Battle’s O’er played at locations of their choice. Most pipers have chosen to play at churches, cathedrals, war graves and war memorials but some global locations include mountains (including Ayres Rock, Australia), the Menin Gate, Westminster Abbey and Arlington Cemetery.

The choice of location is entirely at the discretion of the pipers who register.

The piping will kickstart worldwide media coverage of the day, and will provide some of the day’s most moving and atmospheric sights and sounds.

After the event, those registered will be able to download the official certificate, pictured left.


You can register by clicking HERE. Alternatively, registration forms are printed each month in the Piping Times along with a list of those who have registered.

Please encourage pipers to register for this once-in-a-lifetime tribute.

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