A big blaw – piping snippets: Anna Scott

A big blaw – piping snippets

– Anna’s amazing progress

Anna Scott is 15-years-old and from northern France. She is studying in Glasgow and has recently been coming to the College for lessons.

Anna wanted to learn to play the pipes and her father bought her the College’s famous Tutor 1 book and a practice chanter.

This was only two months ago.

Anna then presented herself at the College saying, “I have finished this book.”

Colin MacLellan, our Director of Piping, then took Anna under his wing. Last week, Anna had made such rapid progress that Colin decided she was ready to move from the chanter to pipes.

He decided to try her with a set of McCallum Bagpipes’ black Acetyl pipes. Here is how she got on. Remember, it has been only two months since Anna picked up a practice chanter and one week since she tried the pipes:

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