Butter Fingers’ blog, 27th September

Butter Fingers’ blog, 27th September Robert Wallace – an apology

In the Butter Fingers Blog on 18 August, 2017, we published a post relating to the withdrawal from the Argyllshire Gathering by one or two senior pipers, because of the presence of a particular judge. Although the judge was not named we accept that, to those familiar with the subject matter of the post, he would be identifiable as Robert Wallace.

In the post, the particular judge was described as an “opinionated, mendacious and malevolent individual driven mad by his own ego, bitterness and self-interest.” We accept that such comments were rash and ill-judged and to make them in a setting which afforded Mr Wallace no simultaneous right to respond or comment was unfair.

Such comments were not appropriate for a blog that is published by the College of Piping and we would like to unreservedly apologise to Mr Wallace for any professional or personal embarrassment and hurt caused to him and his family by the statement.”

Butter Fingers.

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