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1 Stuart Liddell
2 Callum Beaumont
3 Willie McCallum
4 Angus MacColl

1 willie McCallum
2 Stuart Liddell
3 Angus MacColl
4 Finlay Johnston

Horn pipe & Jig
1 Angus MacColl
2 Stuart Liddell
3 Finlay Johnston
4 Gordon McCready

1st overall Stuart Liddell
2nd overall Willie McCallum

spa2Results of the Adult Amateur and Veterans Contest which was held on 26th March

1 Stewart Gaudin
2 Andrew Park
3 Dagmar Pesta

1 Iain MacIntyre
2 Andrew Park
3 Anne Lore

1 Andrew Park
2 Iain MacIntyre
3 Stewart Gaudin

Veterans (slow air & march)
1 Brian Mulhearn
2 Graham Alexander
3 Iain Darroch

Overall (SPA Shield): Andrew Park
Best Slow Air (James Graham Shield): Graham Alexander
Adjudicator: Ronald MacShannon

2016 Duncan Johnstone Memorial Results

Charles MacDonald

Charles MacDonald

B Ceòl Mor

  1. Charles MacDonald
  2. Douglas Gardiner
  3. Ross Cowan
  4. Calum Watson
  5. Gavin Ferguson


  1. Connor Sinclair
  2. Callum Moffat
  3. Matt Wilson
  4. Kris Coyle
  5. Andrew Wilson

C Ceòl Mor

  1. Connor Jardine
  2. Andrew Bova
  3. Alex Gehrig
  4. Ben Mulhearn
  5. Alastair Donaghy


  1. Ross MacKay
  2. Brighde Chaimbeul
  3. Chris Lee
  4. Connor Jardine
  5. Ciaren Ross


  1. Jonathon Simpson
  2. Ross Cowan
  3. Matt Fraser
  4. Calum Watson
  5. Brighde Chaimbeul

Charles MacDonald (Ceòl Mor preference)

Callum Beaumont wins the Uist & Barra

IMG_4080Callum Beaumont won the Glasgow Uist and Barra Association’s annual piping competition. The first prestigious solo piping contest of the year was held today at a packed College of Piping and it was the lad from Bo’ness who lifted the Charles Hepburn Bowl for the overall winner. Callum took the ceòl mòr with The Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairack while Finlay Johnston won the MSR. Alasdair Henderson won the Hornpipe and Jig.

One invited piper, Niall Stewart didn’t make the competition due to tonsillitis.

Prior to the presentation of prizes by Catriona Garbutt, a short recital was given by the winner of last year’s Flora MacDonald Piping Competition, Fiona MacLean (nee MacKay) of Benbecula, formerly of Alness. Fiona is an ex-pupil of John D. Burgess.

Tunes played:

Finlay Johnston (The King’s Taxes)
Glenn Brown (Rory MacLoud’s Lament)
Gordon McCready (Lord Lovat’s Lament)
Callum Beaumont (The Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairack)
Roderick MacLeod (The Old Men of the Shells)
Cameron Drummond (The Battle of the Pass of Crieff)
William McCallum (The Rout of the Lowland Captain)
William Geddes (The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute)
P.M. Gordon Walker (The Battle of Auldearn, No.2)
Alasdair Henderson (The Battle of Waternish)
Angus MacColl (I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand)
Faye Henderson (The Stewarts’ White Banner)
Stuart Liddell (Colin Roy McKenzie’s Lament)
Douglas Murray (Lament for MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart, No.2)

Alasdair Henderson (Col. MacLean of Ardgour, The Piper’s Bonnet, The Sheepwife)
Douglas Murray (The Highland Wedding, Dora MacLeod, The Rejected Suitor)
William McCallum (The Crags of Stirling, MacBeth’s Strathspey, Lt. Col. DJS Murray)
Angus MacColl (Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque, The Caledonian Society of London, Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree)
Stuart Liddell (The Pap of Glencoe, Lady Louden, The Smith of Chilliechassie)
William Geddes (The Taking of Beaumont Hamel, John Roy Stewart, Peter McFarquhar)
Cameron Drummod (The Lochaber Gathering, P.M. Hector MacLean, The Little Cascade)
Roderick MacLeod (Hugh Kennedy, Lady MacKenzie of Gairloch)
Gordon McCready (Knightswood Cèilidh, Tulloch Castle, Loch Carron)
Callum Beaumont (Mrs John MacColl, Catlodge, John Morrison of Assynt House)
Glenn Brown (Donald MacLellan of Rothesay, Sandy MacPherson, Kalabakan)
Finlay Johnston (Abercairney Highlanders, The Islay Ball, Thompson’s Dirk).

Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, 41st Annual Junior Piping & Drumming Contest
Pitlochry High School, Pitlochry
January 16


Chanter, 10 years and under – 1. Cailem Townsley, Perth; 2. Annabel Charlton, Pitlochry; 3. Eilidh Jarrett, Boarhills; 4. Wallace Mackie, Crieff; 5.= Brodie Barrie, Pitlochry and Stan Brodie; 6.= Eliza Farron and Andrew Bryce.

Chanter, 10-11 years – 1. Darragh Gray, Pitlochry; 2. Lucy Jamieson, Abernethy; 3. Henry Farron, Blair Atholl; 4. Kyle Lamond; 5. Keeley Purves; 6. Logan Jamieson, Perth.

Chanter, 12-18 years – 1. Jamie Sinclair, Dundee; 2. Fraser Cumming, Pitlessie; 3. Ellie Cudworth, Pitlochry; 4.= Hazel Bennet, Kinross and Finlay Hodgson, Birnam; 5.= Kieran Porter and Shaun Roberts, Pitlochry.

Novice, 12 years and under – 1. Duncan Kilpatrick, Crieff; 2. Roddy Kilpatrick, Crieff; 3. Cameron Stewart, Crieff; 4. Jamie Sinclair, Dundee; 5. Jamie Pool, Crieff; 6. Kieran Porter, Crieff.

Novice, 13-18 years – 1. Jason Townsley, Bankfoot; 2. Archie McNab, Methven; 3. Max Crawford, Kinross; 4. Lewis Duncan, Perth; 5. Robbie Coupar, Dundee.

Under 15 years – 1. Brogan Townsley, Perth (Lament for Donald of Laggan); 2. Archie Clark, Crieff (Marquis of Argyle’s Salute).

15-18 years – 1. Jordan Ednie, Monifieth (The Little Spree); 2. Cameron Weir, Dundee (Massacre of Glencoe); 3. Cameron Bullard, Glenalmond College; 4. Owen Sweeney, Carnoustie (Lament for the Viscount of Dundee); 5. Aaron Bryce, Perth (Corrienessan’s Salute).

Under 15 years – 1. Archie McNab (Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban); 2. Jason Townsley, Bankfoot (The Taking of Beaumont Hamel); 3. Brogan Townsley (The Taking of Beaumont Hamel); 4. Jack Liddle, Perth (Corriechollie/Teribus); 5.= Max Crawford (Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban) and Gregor Cochrane (Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering); 6.= Cameron Stewart (Norman Orr Ewing) and Archie Clark (Millbank Cottage).

March, Strathspey & Reel, 15-18 years – 1. Douglas Mair, Kinross; 2. Owen Sweeney; 3. Cameron Weir, Dundee; 4. Aaron Bryce; 5. Hector Prestige, Glenalmond College.

Jig, under 15 years – 1. Brogan Townsley; 2. Jack Liddle.

Angus MacColl wins the SPA Knockout third round

IMG_3672 Angus MacColl won the third heat of the Scottish Pipers’ Association’s Knockout series of competitions for the Piping Times Trophy. An enthusiastic crowd put the Benderloch piper ahead of Dunoon’s Alasdair Henderson.

The all-Argyll heat was held at the College of Piping on January 9 and was again streamed live over the internet.

Angus goes through to the semi-finals along with the winners of the first two heats, John Patrick and Stuart Liddell.

The next heat will be held at the College of PIping in early February, the date still be finalised. The pipers playing on that night will be Steven Leask and Dougie Murray.

The final is in May.

IMG_3670 IMG_3668

Callum Moffat

Callum Moffat

Scots Guards Club Knockout

Callum Moffat won through to the next round of the Club piping KO against Greig Canning, both pipers produced an excellent afternoon of piping before a very good audience.
Next up on the 13th December is Scott Barrie and Andrew Wright.

Angus MacColl is the winner of this years Glenfiddich

Angus MacColl is the winner of this years Glenfiddich. Piobaireachd 1. Stuart Liddell (Lament for the Laird of Anapool) 2. Angus MacColl (The Red Speckled Bull) 3. Roddy MacLeod (The Old Men of the Shells) 4. William McCallum (The Earl of Ross’s March) 5. Finlay Johnston (Lament for the Union). MSR 1. Angus MacColl (MacLean…
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Glenfiddich Piping Championship 2015

The Glenfiddich Piping Championship, was established in 1974 to inspire and stimulate the world’s finest individual pipers, and to seek the best overall exponents of ceol mor or piobaireachd (the great music) and ceol beag (the little music).

The 42nd Glenfiddich Piping Championship takes place on Saturday, 24th of October in Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, commencing promptly at 10am.

Invited to compete are

  • Callum Beaumont
  • Bruce Gandy
  • Finlay Johnston
  • Jack Lee
  • Stuart Liddell
  • William McCallum
  • Angus MacColl
  • Roderick MacLeod
  • John-Angus Smith
  • Iain Speirs

The Piobaireachd Judges

Ian Morrison
John Wilson
William Wotherspoon

The March, Strathspey & Reel Judges

Colin MacLellan
Ian McLellan
Andrew Wright

Fear an Tighe

Bob Worrall

Tickets are available on Saturday, 24th of October, at Blair Castle, priced £15.

Further information from Liz Maxwell. Telephone: 0845 602 1974. Email:

Festival of Juvenile Solo Piping

festivalofsolopiping10 yrs & Under Chanter
1st Fraser Smith
2nd Billie Smith
3rd Owen Paterson

11 yrs & Under Chanter
1st Lauren Kerr
2nd Beth McMaster

12 yrs & Under Chanter
1st Innes Campbell

Open Slow Air Chanter
1st Fraser Smith
2nd Lois Stewart
3rd Billie Smith

Chanter Champion ~ Fraser Smith
Best Prospect Chanter ~ Harrison Bishop

10 yrs & Under Piping
1st Cailean Campbell
2nd Katie Roy

11yrs & Under Piping
1st Andrew McCrindle
2nd Cailean Campbell
3rd Katie Roy

12 yrs & Under Piping
1st Luke Kennedy
2nd Christopher Happs
3rd Paul Christie
4th Calum Ramsay
5th Andrew McCrindle
6th Ruari Buchan

13 yrs & Under Piping
1st Luke Kennedy
2nd Christopher Happs
3rd Ross Conner
4th Paul Christie
5th Hazel Whyte
6th Liam Brown
Best in Branch ~ Scott McDonald

14 yrs & Under Piping
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Ross Conner
3rd Luke Shearer
4th Liam Brown
5th Tia McLanaghan
6th Cameron Duff
Best in Branch Abbbie Roy

15 yrs & Under Piping ~ March
1st Robbie MacIsaac
2nd Jamie Campbell
3rd Kyle Currie
4th Andrew Ferguson
5th Corrie Campbell
6th Luke Shearer
Best in Branch ~ Grace Walker

15 yrs Under Piping Strathspey & Reel
1st Robbie MacIsaac
2nd Andrew Ferguson
3rd Jamie Campbell
4th Erin Ritchie
5th Kyle Currie
6th James Forrest
Best in Branch ~ Kyle Currie

16 yrs & Under Piping - MSR
1st Robbie MacIsaac
2nd Harry McLachlan
3rd Holly Fredlander
4th Donald C Stewart
5th Finlay Frame
6th Ewan Murray
Best in Branch ~ Bethany Hanley

17 yrs & Under Piping - MSR
1st Harry McLachlan
2nd John Campbell
3rd Connor Jardine
4th Donald C Stewart
5th Holly Fredlander
Best in Branch ~ Ewan Murray

18 yrs & Under Piping - MSR
1st John Campbell
2nd Connor Jardine
3rd Christina Shaw

Under 16 Junior Piobaireachd
1st Robbie MacIsaac
2nd Luke Kennedy
3rd Erin Ritchie
4th Christopher Happs
5th Ross Conner

Under 17 Intermediate Piobaireachd
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Jamie Campbell
3rd Ewan Murray
4th Finlay Frame

Over 15 Senior Piobaireachd
1st Donald C Stewart
2nd John Campbell
3rd Connor Jardine

Open Jig - Colin McCallum Trophy
1st John Campbell
2nd Finlay Frame ~ Eliz. Bocquel Trophy
3rd Robbie MacIsaac ~ Tom Martin Trophy
4th Connor Jardine ~ Marshall Trophy

Best Presented Piper ~ Not in the Prize List ~ Cameron Duff

Junior Champion ~ Robbie MacIsaac
Senior Champion ~ John Campbell