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Performers’ Certificate

Price: £50

This certificate is designed to ensure pipers who take on public engagements are of a sufficient standard to satisfy the requirements of the engagement to an acceptable playing level.


Candidates should prepare a 15-20 minute programme of music. This is to include a selection of music in varying time signatures from the Highland bagpipe repertoire. Each set of tunes must be introduced in an appropriate manner . The performance will be assessed at the standard of the SCQF 6 certificate, but will not necessarily include Piobaireachd. Candidates will be expected to be able to satisfy the Intermediate Certificate requirements for Maintenance and Tuning. Candidates will be expected to be in appropriate Highland attire for their assessment.


Candidates will be interviewed by the examination panel to further determine their suitability to perform at various events including Burns’ Suppers, weddings, funerals, ceilidhs, Highland dancing and other such functions.