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pdqb-headerPiobaireachd Certificate
Price: £50

*Candidates must hold the Level 4 Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Certificate in Piping. 

On the Practice Chanter: Sight-read from a Piobaireachd selected by the examiner the Ground and a line from each variation.

Piobaireachd (Ceol Mor)
Candidates are to submit four Piobaireachds. One each of the following type:

  • Standard Crunluath
  • Crunluath Breabach
  • Crunluath Fosgailte
  • Crunluath a Mach

The Examiner is to select one piobaireachd for the candidate to play in its entirety and may select additional tunes or parts thereof at the examiners discretion. Candidates will be expected to achieve a very good blend of chanter and drones. Candidates will also be assessed on posture and bearing.


Candidates must be able to write from memory ground of a Piobaireachd submitted at Para. 2.
Write four bars of a:

  • Dithis Doubling
  • Suibhal Doubling
  • Crunluath Breabach or Fosgailte Doubling
  • Crunluath a Mach

All movements are to be written out in full. No abbreviations are permitted.  Write all piobaireachd movements. Demonstrate their knowledge of the construction and classification of the Piobaireachd.

Write out in Nether Lorn Canntaireachd the notes of the following scales:

  • Plain
  • G gracenote
  • E gracenote
  • D gracenote

Translate a passage of Piobaireachd staff notation into Nether Lorn Canntaireachd.