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pdqb-headerPDQcertPipingTEACTeacher Certificate
Price: £100
Candidates must hold the Level 6 Certificate Piping.

Designed for those who have a complete knowledge of all aspects of Piping and Drumming and will be able to teach all types of Bagpipe music, including Piobaireachd, at all levels.

Candidates must have the ability to:

  1.  Teach classes and individuals
  2. Recognise basic faults and to correct them
  3. Explain movements clearly and concisely and correct mistakes quickly
  4. Instil proper methods of practice in pupils
  5. Maintain a pupil’s interest throughout a lesson

Assessment of Teaching Skills

The following assessment criteria should be met within 12 months. Candidates will be assessed by a nominated examiner on the delivery of four lessons. The lessons should be as follows:

  1. Workshop topic to be agreed with the examiner
  2. Individual lesson
  3. Group lesson
  4. Piobaireachd lesson

For each lesson candidates must prepare a lesson plan, which will also be assessed.

Candidates must maintain a diary to record 20 hours of teaching lessons and demonstrate delivery of teaching to varying ability levels from beginner to advanced.