Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

sqa1The SQA is Scotland’s national awarding body, responsible for all Scottish qualifications within the national education system apart from university degrees and some professional body qualifications. The qualifications in Scottish Bagpipes and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming ,which are certificated jointly by the SQA and PDQB, fall within a group of SQA qualifications known as National Progression Awards and Professional Development Awards. The National Progression Awards in Scottish Bagpipes and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming, and the higher level Professional Development Awards in Scottish Bagpipes are based directly on the Syllabi for the PDQB qualifications. All the awards have Levels and Credit Points within the SCQF. These Levels differ from the recognised Levels of the PDQB qualifications. SCQF Levels are a means of showing how qualifications relate to each other in terms of the amount of learning required. There are 12 SCQF Levels, each of which provides an indication of the complexity of the qualification, SCQF Level 1 being the least demanding and SCQF Level 12 the most demanding. SCQF Credit Points relate to the number of hours required to achieve a qualification. Each SCQF Credit Point equates to the learning outcomes achieved through a notional 10 hours of learning. In certain circumstances SCQF Credit Points can assist learners by minimising the duplication of learning in similar subject areas, and it may be possible to transfer credit between qualifications with the same learning outcomes. A comparison between the former PDQB Levels and those of the SQA National Progression Awards and Professional Development.

Awards are as follows:

Former PDQB Level (Piping) Former PDQB
Level (Drumming)
SCQF Levels SQA National Progression Awards (Piping) SQA National Progression Awards (Drumming) Professional Development Awards (Piping) Total SCQF Credit Points (Two Units)
PDQB Level 6 8 PDA Scottish
Bagpipes SCQF 8
PDQB Level 5 7 PDA Scottish
Bagpipes SCQF 7
PDQB Level 4 PDQB Level 4 6 NPA Scottish Bagpipes SCQF 6 NPA Scottish Pipe Band Drumming
PDQB Level 3 PDQB Level 3 5 NPA Scottish Bagpipes SCQF 5 NPA Scottish Pipe Band Drumming
PDQB Level 2 (Bagpipes) PDQB Level 2 4 NPA Scottish Bagpipes SCQF 4 NPA Scottish Pipe Band Drumming
PDQB Level 2 (Practice Chanter) PDQB Level 1 3 NPA Scottish Bagpipes (Practice Chanter) SCQF 3 NPA Scottish Pipe Band Drumming
PDQB Level 1 (Practice Chanter) 2 NPA Scottish Bagpipes (Practice Chanter) SCQF 2 12

Please note that PDQB Certificates issued between 2007 and 2009 will be regarded by the PDQB partner organisations as equivalent to the new NPAs and PDAs, although they do not have SQA national recognition.