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SCQF Level 5 Certificate – Bagpipes

sqa1National Progression Award Scottish Bagpipes
Cost: £35

*Can normally be taken within the first two years learning.

1. Maintenance
Candidates must demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the following

  1. Removing the pipe chanter from the stock
  2. Cleaning and drying the pipes
  3. Correct hemping/sealing of pipe joints
  4. Testing for airtightness of the pipes, including seasoning as appropriate
  5. Different types of drone reeds
  6. Handling reeds and securing them in the chanter/drone reed seat. Includes a practical demonstration and
    Ensuring that the bagpipe is an appropriate fit for the piper, e.g. correct size/spread/fit of the bag, bag cover, blow stick, cords/drone spacing.

2. Practical

Candidates must demonstrate competence in the following:

Monotone Exercises
Tap out the rhythm of Simple and Compound Monotone Exercises

Tunes (on the bagpipe)

Candidates submit tunes comprising:

  1. 2 parts of a Slow Air
  2. 4 parts of a 2/4 March (Simple Time)
  3. 4 parts of a 6/8 March (Compound Time)
  4. 4 parts of a Strathspey
  5. 4 parts of a Reel
  6. 4 parts of a Hornpipe
  7. 4 parts of a Jig
  8. One Ground of a Piobaireachd and one variation singling and doubling

Candidates will be expected to make a reasonable attempt at tuning their drones and be able to explain the basic principles of drone tuning.
Candidates will also be assessed on Marching and Deportment.

3. Theory

Candidates must be able to:

  1. Understand Compound Time rhythms (use of monotone exercises)
  2. Write out 8 bars of a 6/8 March from memory
  3. Write out the first part of either a Strathspey or a Reel from memory
  4. Explain the purpose of a Leger Line
  5. Draw out the Great Staff and show the pitch of the tenor drone, bass drone, and all the notes in the bagpipe scale