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sqa1SCQF Level 8 Certificate – Bagpipes

Professional Development Award Scottish Bagpipes
Cost: £70

*Intended for those who have reached an extremely high peak of proficiency in the playing of the Bagpipe and in their knowledge of everything connected with the art of Piping. They must be able to play accurately with correct expression and be able to win professional prizes in Ceol Mor and Ceol Beag, although not necessarily against the top performers.


Candidates who do not hold a Senior Certificate will be required to answer all maintenance questions in the Senior Certificate syllabus.

Practical Light Music (Ceol Beag)

Candidates are to submit six tunes of each of the following:

  1. Competition March (minimum 4 parts)
  2. Competition Strathspey (minimum 4 parts)
  3. Competition Reel (minimum 4 parts)
  4. Competition Jig (minimum 4 parts)
  5. Competition Hornpipe (minimum 4 parts)

The assessor is to select two tunes from each category for the candidate to play. Candidates will be expected to tune their own drones to a well-balanced chanter and be capable of blowing a steady tone.
Candidates will also be assessed on Marching and Deportment.

Practical Piobaireachd (Ceòl Mòr)

Candidates are to submit six Piobaireachds. The selection should include the following varieties of crunluath:

  1. Standard Crunluath
  2. Crunluath Breabach
  3. Crunluath Fosgailte
  4. Crunluath A Mach

The assessor is to select one piobaireachd for the candidate to play in its entirety and may select additional tunes or parts thereof at the assessors discretion.


Candidates must be able to:

  1. Write from memory four parts of one of the tunes submitted at Para. 2.
    Write four bars of a:
    Dithis Doubling
    Suibhal Doubling
    Crunluath Breabach or Fosgailte Doubling
    Crunluath a Mach
    All movements are to be written out in full.  No abbreviations are permitted.
  2. Write all piobaireachd movements.
  3. Demonstrate their knowledge of the construction and classification of the Piobaireachd.
  4. Write out in Nether Lorn Canntaireachd the notes of the following scales:
    G gracenote
    E gracenote
    D gracenote
  5. Translate a passage of Piobaireachd staff notation into Nether Lorn Canntaireachd.

History of Piping

Candidates must write an essay of 1000 words minimum on their chosen subject selected from the below. Essays must include comment on their influence and relevance to piping.

  1. The MacCrimmons of Skye
  2. The MacKays of Gairloch
  3. The MacKays of Raasay
  4. The MacArthurs
  5. The Camerons
  6. The MacPhersons
  7. The MacLennans
  8. The MacGregors
  9. The Rankins
  10. The MacIntyres
  11. The descent of piping knowledge and tuition to the present day.