July 2017 Piping Times

July 2017 Piping Times

The pipe bands who took part were: Manchester Community Pipe Band, Accrington Pipe Band, Greater Manchester Fire Service, Manchester Phoenix Pipe Band, Bolton Caledonian, Everton Pipe Band, Oldham Scottish, Liverpool Scottish, Notts Police Band, Birmingham Irish. Newport Wales Pipe Band, Dowco from Vancouver, Canada, Clan Wallace Liverpool, the Scots Guards Association, Southern Jacobites from Southampton, City of Liverpool, West Yorks Fire and Rescue, Beeston Pipe Band as well as many unattached pipers and drummers.
We salute each and every one of you.
Stuart Letford.

At 06:00 in November it will be dark but that will add further poignancy to the unique aspect of this special tribute – the  sound of the pipes playing emerging from the darkness of the morning. We would ask pipers to play the tune, and repeat it for no longer than five minutes. This will be a personal tribute from pipers worldwide. It is planned that members of the Society of Editors will be sent a complete list of all the names and locations so that local newspapers can send photographers, along with television news channels sending cameramen.
“We are also delighted to be involving the College of Piping in this unique, worldwide tribute.”
Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR.

“I remember coming here

[Lorient] in the mid-1970s. It had began as a ‘trial run’ and in those days was classed as purely a bagpipe festival. Since then it has grown, having introduced many other arts such as singing, dancing, many other instruments, folk groups plus visual art and even sports such as golf and wrestling.”
Tom Johnstone.

I remember once chatting with Gordon [Duncan] and he asked me who his favourite piper was. I was sifting my brain and he was clearly expecting me to say, “Well, you Gordon.” I said to him, “I quite like Fred’s [Fred Morrison] playing,” and he went, “Whiiiiit?!!?” I just picked Fred’s name out of the air to wind him up!
Ali Hutton.

Andy Tasker is a piper with an impressive piping lineage. The retired banker from Leeds can trace a direct lineal descent to two of our most important piping families, the MacKays of Raasay and the MacKays of Gairloch – and also Captain Malcolm MacLeod of Raasay.

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