March 2017 Piping Times

March 2017 Piping Times

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[seasonal piping schools] are simply a great way of cementing what’s been learned at weekly band practice or at weekly lessons whether at school or in private. They allow the student to build on this, giving a deeper well of expertise to draw upon. The result is a solid grounding and a far deeper knowledge than those among one’s peers who haven’t attended such a school.
Stuart Letford

‘Lament for Lord Archibald Campbell’ is not the only piobaireachd by a noted composer to be swallowed up in a black hole. ‘Lament for Donald MacPhee’, a prize-winning piobaireachd by John MacColl is not to be found today.
Dale Brown

The first known pipe band in a state school was Edinburgh’s Broughton Secondary School pipe band, founded in 1947 … The venue for this year’s Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships is in James Gillespie’s High School, Edinburgh, but in previous years the competitions were held at Broughton, although not in the same building.
Jeannie Campbell

He had planned everything meticulously. He even told a friend he had met a day before his suicide that he would soon visit a friend from Switzerland. Afterwards, we all found out that this “friend” had been dead for two years. This really was the most disturbing gig I’ve ever been asked to play at in my career as a piper.
Marco Kreissl

This [the Glasgow Tattoo] was a different audience to the average Celtic Connections regular. This was more a celebration of the common culture of the working class people of Ulster and the west of Scotland, something the chattering classes only talk about in disdainful tones.
Stuart Letford

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