March 2018 Piping Times – out now

March 2018 Piping Times

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Pipe Major Keith Bowes of Johnstone Pipe Band

With the last haggis of the season devoured we reflect on the Burns Suppers we attended over the last few weeks and in particular the one held by the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming. This was a most enjoyable and convivial evening which featured quite possibly the best rendering of ‘Tam o’ Shanter’ we have heard. The piping we heard was very good, too, and demonstrated the good work being done to return Army piping to the top level.

Stuart Letford

Later, the men were moved from the camp and packed in the hold of a freight ship destined for Japan. However, a US submarine struck the ship. As the boat was sinking the men managed to get out from the hold and dive into the ocean. Laws later recalled in a newspaper interview: “We were diving over the side and the Japs were shooting at us, machine gunning us in the water.

David Laws

In my opinion a higher-grade band without a feeder system is a parasite, feeding off other bands for its players and putting nothing back into the pool. Johnstone Pipe Band should be very proud of its feeder system.

Jeannie Campbell

The second [tune] appears to centre on a relationship between illegitimacy and marriage, one of which is better than the other. Contrastingly, we know the tune as ‘The Old Woman’s Lullaby’. Yet again, here is evidence to support the disconnect between a name and a familiar tune.

Ronald Smith

It was Roderick Cannon, pre-eminently, who began a return to the sources, to identify and explore them systematically, and then to publish them. … The world of piping and its study is still unthinkable without Roderick Cannon. Consciously or unconsciously, so much of what we know now about piping in Scotland and ceòl mòr is owed to him.

Professor Hugh Cheape MBE

Jimmy [Jennett] would sometimes drop into the College and always had jokes and stories to entertain us. At other times he would telephone the College, when he would always start the conversation with, “Is my Daddy in?” When asked who was calling he would he say he was Seumas’s illegitimate son. Whoever answered the phone would buzz through to Seumas saying someone claiming to be his illegitimate son was on the phone and Seumas would reply, “Put the bastard through,” or “Tell the bastard to hold on.”

Jeannie Campbell

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