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The only independent museum devoted solely to the great Highland bagpipe

The museum houses the most important collection of piping memorabilia in the world. True to the the College’s charitable status admission is free and each year we welcome hundreds of visitors from around the world. Enthusiasts are encouraged to spend time looking at the unrivalled collection of instruments on show and also to delve into the extensive archive of written material on pipers and piping with curator Hugh Anderson and other volunteers always willing to help find the information needed.

Let us now take two virtual tours of the Museum of Piping. Select the desired tour from our menu. to enter the fascinating world of the great Highland bagpipe and its music.

The Perfect way to learn the history of Scotlands National Instrument.

Tours include :

  • Lecture on the history of the bagpipe.
  • Performance’s by the countries best players.
  • Tour of the museum
  • Opportunity to have a go yourself!
  • Refreshments Included
  • Tour runs for 1 hour, contact for costs and availabilities.