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We are most grateful to Allan Hamilton of Pipers’ Persuasion for permission to include these videos and links on the College site. Allan is to be commended for his work in recording for posterity so many leading figures in the piping and pipe band worlds. This project was his own original idea and financed entirely by himself to his great credit.

Dugald MacNeill

Dugald B. MacNeill B.Sc., F.R.S.C.
Since his early youth in Argyll, Dugald B. MacNeill, Chairman of the College of Piping, held an interest in the bagpipe. His family moved to Glasgow allowing him to witness to birth of the College when it was founded in the city’s Pitt Street. In a fascinating account he leads us through the years and premises to the […]


William Morrison
We meet the renowned piper and solo piping adjudicator William Morrison, now senior instructor at the College. Willie is from the Uists and speaks about his early tuition and influences and then goes on to discuss his competition days and prizes. From that point we discuss judging. There are interesting segments on playing of MSRs and reed making. An engaging conversation […]