October 2017 Piping Times

October 2017 Piping Times

Online advertising is less engaging and , in fact, is more likely to annoy readers. Ads on mobile devices, for exThe streathspeyample, can be so small that readers can’t see them or click on them. There are also further threats in the shape of software that blocks ads … The estimated loss of global revenue due to blocked advertising during 2015 was $21.8 billion. The new iPhone, launched last month, comes with ad blocking software as standard in its browser. Any business that relies on this model of promotion is therefore severely limiting itself.
Stuart Letford

The strathspey in Scottish music is something that has long fascinated me. The basic difference between the strathspey reel and the traditional reel is one of tension … this is obvious to anyone who dances the strathspey and reel steps, just as the non-dance pipers’ myth of ‘strong-weal-medium-weak’ has no place in highland dancing of highland dance strathspeys.
Robert Burns

After Cowal, the band [the Australian Ladies Pipe Band] returned to Glasgow … the following day the band members were involved in a fatal accident.
Jeannie Campbell

He [Seumas MacNeill] brought me into the conversation. “Norman,” he intoned gravely, as though he knew about some life-threatening illness concerning which I had not yet been informed, “you know what they say about village idiots, don’t you?” “No, Mr MacNeill,” I crooned as I entered into the spirit of things. “What do they say about village idiots?” “Too many village idiots,” he snapped curtly, “spoil the village.”
Norman MacLean

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