Speirs, Drummond and Duncan take the Capt. John A. MacLellan

It was a good day for Edinburgh piping today at the fifth Captain John A. MacLellan MBE Piping Championships held at Inchdrewer House in Edinburgh, home of the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming.

Iain Speirs was the overall P Grade winner, Cameron Drummond took the P Grade MSR the A Grade Piobaireachd and the Open Hornpipe & Jig, while Sgt Ben Duncan went home with the B Grade Piobaireachd.


P Grade Piobaireachd – 1. Iain Speirs; 2. Callum Beaumont; 3. Glenn Brown; Faye Henderson.
Judges: Ronnie McShannon and John Wilson.

Cameron Drummond and Eddie Gaul with their trophies at the 5th Captain John A. MacLellan Piping Championships.

Cameron Drummond and Eddie Gaul with the fruits of their labour.

P Grade MSR – 1. Cameron Drummond; 2. Gordon McCready; 3. Iain Speirs; 4. Sgt. Ben Duncan; 5. Peter Hunt.
Judges: Ian Duncan and Ian McLellan.

A Grade Piobaireachd – 1. Cameron Drummond; 2. Peter McCallister; 3. Jamie Forrester; 4. Sandy Cameron; 5. Jonathan Greenlees.
Judges: Stuart Samson and Tom Speirs.

A Grade MSR – 1. Callum Beaumont; 2. Sarah Muir; 3. Jonathan Greenlees; 4. Jamie Forrester; 5. Steven Leask.
Judges: Jimmy Banks MBE and Walter Cowan.

B Grade Piobaireachd – 1. Sgt Ben Duncan; 2. Steven Leask; 3. Steven Gray; 4. John MacDonald; 5. Sarah Muir.
Judges: Andrew Frater and Colin MacLellan.

B Grade MSR – 1. Eddie Gaul; 2. Matt Wilson; 3. Callum Moffat; 4. Caitlin MacDonald; 5. Andrew Donlon.
Judges: James Henderson and Willie Morrison.

C Grade MSR – 1. Ciaren Ross; 2. Archie Drennan; 3. Kate Kimove; 4. John Cameron; 5. Dan Nevans.
Judges: Robert Barnes and Euan Anderson.

C Grade Piobaireachd – 1. Archie Drennan; 2. Kate Kimove; 3. John Cameron; 4. Gwenael Dage; 5. Eireann Iannetta-MacKay.
Judges: Patricia Henderson and Logan Tannock.

Open Hornpipe & Jig – 1. Cameron Drummond; 2. Callum Moffat; 3. Gordon McCready; 4. Glenn Brown; 5. Steven Gray.
Judges: Ronnie McShannon, Ian McLellan, Walter Cowan and John Wilson.

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