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NewHall-300x224The College Lecture Hall was built at a cost of £500,000.  The new hall seats upwards of 80. It has a new teaching/practice rooms off the body of the main hall which is fitted with all modern audio and IT facilities. Principal Robert Wallace said: ‘We never thought we’d be able to afford the new building but thanks to hard work, the efficient running of the establishment and support from the worldwide piping community we have managed to prosper. Previously the College of Piping was the only educational establishment in the world which did not have a Lecture Hall and now we have the only custom built piping facility in the world. We appreciate the enthusiastic support and assistance that pipers have given us and we hope this will continue. The College staff, the teachers, the Museum of Piping, the Piping Times and our dedicated volunteers are all working hard at providing the service that the College has always given to piping over 70 plus years. Free advice, subsidised lessons, free museum admission, free CoP TV and Radio on the internet, and affordable publications are all part of what we do as a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation. Your support guarantees that service for the foreseeable future. Why not become an associate of the College and help us in our work? ‘