The Bagpipe Music of John McLellan, 1875-1949

The Bagpipe Music of John McLellan, 1875-1949

john mclellanThis book presents in one volume the compilation of the music of John McLellan (Dunoon) including some previously unpublished tunes and many that have been out of print for almost one hundred years.

John McLellan did not publish his own collection; he was not a competitive piper as we understand that description today and many of his tunes have been lost in the passage of time. John’s mastery of composition and capture of melody make his works timeless.

Today’s pipers will be surprised and delighted to add some of the forgotten treasures to their piping pleasures.

This book contains:

  • (4) Slow Marches
  • (19) Retreats
  • (16) two-parted 6/8 Marches
  • (13) four-parted 6/8 Marches
  • (4) 4/4 Marches
  • (18) two-parted 2/4 Marches
  • (39) four-parted 2/4 Marches
  • (11) two-parted Strathspeys
  • (7) more than two-parted Strathspeys
  • (12) two-parted Reels
  • (4) four-parted Reels
  • (5) Hornpipes & Polkas
  • (5) Jigs

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