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Who are we?

There is no better way of learning the bagpipes or improving your playing than by studying at the College of Piping.

Since the College was established formally in 1944, thousands of pupils have had the benefits of our teaching experience. All courses are tailored to meet the needs of students whatever their age or ability.

Tuition fees remain as low as possible and we often teach students of low means for free.

It is part of the College’s ethos that no one who wants to learn the pipes will be discouraged for financial reasons.

Classes are held in the evening, daytime and in weekly or fortnightly blocks. Using the College’s highly acclaimed tutor books, students are carefully taken through every aspect of what constitutes good piping: technique, expression and bagpipe sound. All courses lead towards PDQB/SQA or College of Piping exams. Our instructors are some of the very best in the piping world.

We also offer the very best in top-line drumming tuition. Most pipers play in pipe bands and the College is committed to advancing playing standards for both pipers and drummers at all levels. Click on the relevant tab to find out more about our drumming classes and courses and don’t forget – drumming instruction can be done over the internet, just as it can for piping.

The Tuition/Schools tab in the menu bar above will help you select the option that suits you. Alternatively, call us on 0141 334 3587 or email: