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Scottish Smallpipes Evening Class


A Scottish Smallpipes class runs on Tuesday evenings during our next Term (Term 3, autumn). This is a ten-week term which runs from Tuesday 19th September until Tuesday 5th December with a mid-term break. The class will continue into 2018.

Individual one-to-one instruction will be available, and on request the classes can focus on any of the following special areas.


All levels of student can be catered to, and special consideration will be given to students who have little or no prior experience on the pipes. It’s perfectly acceptable to begin with Smallpipes, and a structured course will be provided, based on the LBPS manual “More Power to Your Elbow”.

Bellows technique:

This is essential for pipers transitioning from mouth-blown pipes, bellows technique session will cover the development of a comfortable posture, a smooth winding style, steady pressure & tone. The bellows anatomy & basic maintenance will also be covered.

Dixon tunes:

This refers specifically to the variation sets found in The Master Piper, by William Dixon, a collection of 18th century Borders tunes. These sessions will cover the development of a solid technical foundation for playing in this style. Exercises, to help in mastering the characteristic style of melodic ornamentation, will be provided. Dixon tune classes can be delivered using practice chanters if so desired, and may be of interest to players of the Highland pipes, or to musicians playing other instruments.

Pipe and Song:

Taught by an experienced traditional singer & smallpiper, the pipe & song classes will explore the task of using your smallpipes to accompany yourself or others singing. This is something the Smallpipes are well suited to, and a range of stylistic approaches can be used to structure the pipe accompaniment sympathetically to the song.

Surviving sessions:

This is for pipers interested in participating in pub & festival tune sessions, these sessions will give some guidance on where to begin, including repertoire, playing and learning by ear, general session tips and etiquette, and if desired a piper’s introduction to the penny whistle (a very useful second instrument for any piper in this context).

Lowland/Border tunes:

These sessions will focus on the historic repertoire of the Lowland/Border pipes, from Soor Plooms to Hunt’s Up, as researched by Gordon Mooney, Pete Stewart, Matt Seattle and others. The history of the bellows pipes can be at times mysterious and elusive, but nonetheless rewarding and fascinating. This course will include background reading for the student.

Scottish Smallpipes Term Dates 2017

  • Autumn Term:- Tuesday 19th September Tuesday 5th December 2017

Smallpipe Instructor

Donald Lindsay

Classes run from 7.00pm till 9.00pm on Tuesday evenings. Tuition is given on one to one basis. You will learn under the instruction of one of our expert instructors. Complete beginners welcomed.

To enrol for the new term, please follow this link. Enrolments may also be made by contacting Andrew Wallace, telephone 0141 334 3587 or email. The cost for the 10 week term is £85 for adults and £70 for Juvenile (U-18), Over 65 and unwaged.